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You ever find yourself spending hours on end looking at competitor websites trying to figure out why they are experiencing such a huge amount of success? It can be so frustrating putting your heart and soul into this grand idea only to see little to no results a year or so later. We’ve all been there at some point in our business; losing sleep, wondering if we made the right decision, nervous about what the future holds.

Everyone talks about how the internet now makes it easier than ever to access information and while this is true, it can also suck the life right out of you. The internet has no filter, you can find just as many horror stories as you can successes. If you know in your heart that you were uniquely designed for the path you’re currently on, don’t give up. Just because your moment doesn’t seem within sling shot distance doesn’t mean it won’t come. A temporary setback isn’t always a sign to take a detour. In this article I want to share with you some qualities all successful female entrepreneurs have in common. Hopefully, this will encourage you to keep pushing forward.


Confidence is a great asset to have in the holster if you’re going to be running a business. We have to be our own #1 cheerleader and it’s up to us to keep driving forward when everyone is telling us to take another route. You have to be confident in your decision making and actions. Confidence and being a complete “butt wipe” are not one-in-the-same. It’s not necessary to put others down in order for you to rise to the top. As women, we think we have to be overbearing and hardcore to succeed. Don’t fuel the stereotype.


You need to be ELASTIC; you have to learn how to bounce back from life’s barrel of letdowns (and trust me there will be many). Pain and heartache don’t last forever and women are known for being emotional creatures.  Use those emotions to fuel you to keep going, learn from those mistakes so you don’t encounter them again. When life gives you lemons, put those suckers in a choke-hold and make lemonade.


Female entrepreneurs that are out here killing it are resourceful. You don’t have to be a “Jill of all Trades” but you do need to know who to call to get things done. The truth is even if you can do a little of everything, effective delegation will give you more time to focus on activities that generate income for your business. If you’re the face of your business, put someone else behind the computer and you go and let people see you doing what you do best.

I definitely hope this has been helpful, motivating or at least good for a laugh, ha! Feel free to join in on the conversation. Let me know your thoughts.

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